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Update: We have purchased a property that Joyful Farms will be using for the ministry. We have also purchased 2 equines, Jerusalem Donkeys we named Mary and Ruth. Mary is the mother of Ruth and Mary is also currently pregnant and she will be having another foal this winter.


At this time we are raising money to build a wheelchair/stroller accessible Donkey House that can fit the 3 donkeys, providing them shelter from rain and weather and serve as a ministry area so we are able to serve families all year, rain or shine. This Donkey House needs a sensory room off to the side where any kids needing a break, a quiet room, a place to cool down, or rest can be had while the rest of the family still receives ministry. 

We are also needing training support so Mary and Ruth, along with us, can start official training for therapy and tasks that will facilitate therapy.


We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and gifts are fully tax-deductible

Every cent donated goes to the work and vision. Everyone involved at Joyful Farms and working to see the vision realized is doing so on a volunteer basis.

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Board Members

Sean & Courtney Charles



Founders, President/VP, Secretary/Treasurer


Board Member

Justin & Amber Schrey

Board Members


We are currently raising money to secure a  location and purchase a property on which Joyful Farms can operate.

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